Jarcrac is a compact size high performance forest machine with rubber tracks. The purchase and running costs are low compared to heavy forest machines. The machine is easy to maintain, as it doesn’t contain needlessly complicated electronic components.

Thanks to the track drive and the low weight point, Jarcrac can be used in very variable terrain conditions. Jarcrac is an ideal choice to operate on soft terrain such as swamp forests.

As the machine is small sized, it can be transported easily and economically from one logging site to another. Low transport costs enable the economical harvesting of small logging sites.

Jarcrac is suitable for sensitive logging sites, because the wide rubber tracks don’t damage the soil surface. Jarcrac Dual can be used both as a harvester and as a forwarder.

Because of its compact size and agility, Jarcrac is well suited for thinning. Wide skid roads are not needed and the rubber tracks minimize root damage.

The good balance and the effective loader also enable the handling of big timber logs.

Jarcrac can be equipped with several optional accessories, for instance, a front winch, a diesel fueled additional heater and air conditioning.

As a basic version Jarcrac is a forwarder, but it can be modified into a harvester. In this option the loader grab is replaced with a harvesting head. NT 300 is an example of a suitable harvesting head.

Jarcrac is a good investment for the future.

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